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The importance of building a great team in early stage startups

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Members of the WasabiJobs’ team that attended to the deceleration program in 2018: Abhir Hathiramani, Antonio Quirós and Alfonso Luengo (left to right).

The ultimate goal of a company is the fulfillment of the objectives at any level. It is not a simple task; it not only requires the resources available to a company or the talent of its employees, but also that the latter build a great team.
This concept is understood in WasabiJobs as: the feeling of belonging of its employees; the coordination; the dynamism; the commitment; or the healthy relationships created among its members. It is interesting to analyze the advantages of these ways of conceiving the business practice.
In the first place, we understand that the commitment is inherent to the own feeling of belonging. It means each employee knows their obligations, how to carry them out effectively and what is the importance of their work.
This concept leads to the concept of coordination and creation of healthy relationships, as all the members of our work team not only have to fulfill their obligations, but they must be available to their colleagues whenever they need it. In this way internal relationships become stronger and an indestructible dynamic emerges and defines us.
To form a team that has the optimal characteristics, and thus be able to achieve the above-mentioned, it is necessary to define the business culture. This is the DNA of the company, or as described by Ralph D. Stacey: “The set of beliefs, customs, practices and ways of thinking that a group of people have come to share through their coexistence and work.” In Wasabijobs, it has been created by its members and therefore is strongly internalized thus ensuring a proper coexistence.
It is convenient for employees to understand that every team must be championed by a leader, who knows the team and its member, is able to delegate and organized the tasks according to the employee’s talents and abilities. It can be the director of a department or, in the case of smaller companies, the CEO.
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Alfonso Luengo, International Business Development, and Antonio Quirós, Executive Director, in a 1:1 meeting in last Menorca deceleration program.

The result is the creation of a high-performance team, which facilitates the implementation of strategies, the stimulation of each person’s personal growth, and the achievement of objectives in an efficient and effective manner.
Finally, Wasabijobs wants to conclude that it is often more meaningful taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the employees themselves, than to enter a complex and uncertain environment where the selection of personnel is essential for the smooth running of any company.
In Spain, about 250 media requests are received for each published job position. It is estimated that only 2% of candidates get to have an interview, and in a high percentage many of them do not even receive a response. There are dozens of websites and apps to find a job; the average of apps installed in Spanish smartphones is 64, which complicates the search and selection of job positions adapted to the needs of the candidate.
In order to simplify the process, for the company and for the candidate, WasabiJobs has launched a tool that allows job search without sending curriculum or registering through forms. The procedure starts with a simple message to 622 226 858 through the messaging applications that the user already uses, like WhatsApp. An immediate response is received. The candidate selects the positions that interest him and his preferences regarding schedules, for those who want to reconcile with studies or other jobs, and location. Finally, they are asked to upload a brief video-interview through mobile, and to fill in a small test appropriate to the position requested. And all set!