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What a Startup Decelerator is and why it’s a key element in the ecosystem; and in our day-to-day as well.

Writing this post is the beginning of a deceleration exercise I decided to undertake every week and which I want to share with the community. I am going to re-think the regularity of my texts… I am optimistic but realistic. As CEO of a Startup Decelerator, I thought it would be easy to have all the time I need to write it. But I was wrong. The first lesson that I learnt with this post: I am not infallible.

connecting people
After two weeks, it was time to say see you soon in a very special farewell party. Marcos Martin said a few word to the participant.

World businesses are changing, don’t you see it?
‘Fast food’ was the the trend few years ago, and then everything began to shift to ‘slow food’; the same is happening with business around the world.  But ‘slow food’ doesn’t mean that it takes long to be cooked. It’s more about eating with consciousness; paying attention to the ingredients; the combination; the flavours; learning about where they were grown; and the way of cooking them…. In the long run, this will keep you healthier.
This food-twist has operated similarly in several other spheres; and business has not been an exception. Scaling a company just because you have to grow is not sexy anymore; growing or accelerating with consciousness is starting to be the norm and if you are not there, you currently have or you will certainly have a problem sooner rather than later.
On this principle, we created a new format for those startups and organizations that will rule the world in the years to come called, “The Startup Decelerator Methodology”.
What is a Startup Decelerator? It is a program that helps to scale early stage sustainable minded companies, that believe in technology as the key to making this world a better place, from a human-centric approach. These selected startups participate in a 2-week-program, the goal of which is to help them step back from their day-to-day routines, get perspective and focus on what really matters: their main challenge today as a company and their team capabilities.
During these 2 weeks, there is an intense agenda built on inspirational workshops, informal chats, engaging 1:1 meetings and unique activities in order to enhance the human connections among startups, successful entrepreneurs and potential partners or investors.
On campus activity
The Experience Maker Jason Eckenroth talked to the participants about the importance of the core values.

As a result of more than 4 years of running a decelerator, we have built a tight knit community of international serial entrepreneurs, corporations, business leaders and investors with the right mindset; or in other words, working towards sustainable development, with strong technological-base as an important focus for the human factor.
We have been in Menorca decelerating startups for four years in a row. More than 90 companies and more than 150 entrepreneurs have found out the benefits of our deceleration methodology. In 2019, we will replicate the model in Mexico with specific geographic adaptations; a big step for the organization.
In this process we have learned a few lessons on the importance of the human factor to validate a project and lead the startup to a successful growth. We also positively discerned the relevance of defining the startups’ core values, writing them on paper and creating a culture around them.
We did it a month ago after an introspective exercise and look at those values every day. They are omnipresent in our organization. The following values build the core of the startup decelerator:
COMMITMENT&RESPECT: We are a team committed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on human values working towards a sustainable planet through our deceleration methodology.
EXCELLENCE&LOVE: We strive for continuous improvement, taking care of details, with a professional and enjoyable atmosphere to do beautiful things.
TRUST: We are a tight knit human-centric community based on integrity and transparency to share knowledge, ideas and feelings.
You might think this is a kind of ‘fake’ or utopian company. I assure you it is not. The human values are still very present in our society and its members who live by the public interest from the vanguard. An increasing group of people act in accordance with ethical principles every day. I have had the opportunity to find out this principle at every edition, but especially in the last one.
How else do you explain that one of LightFi’s co-founders came to Spain all the way from London by bike and ferry in order to avoid aircrafts and thereby offset his carbon footprint? Or why Cloq’s team is developing an app to provide cheaper and easy nano-credit to the poor and unbanked people in Brazil?
The definition of our core values has had a significant impact on the team and to my own deceleration spirit. These principles now hang proudly on the walls of our office, but more importantly: we are them and they are ours.
Do you feel like joining us?