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Our call is outside, and we are teaming with Endeavor Spain!

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The 5th Edition of the deceleration program has officially launched, with a special alliance between Decelera and Endeavor

We have opened the First phase of the registration period ( 9th to 29th of January) for those startups interested in breathing, focusing and growing during the V Edition of Decelera Menorca. The open call is outside, and we have a few surprises!
This year we have reached an agreement with Endeavor Spain to double the entrepreneurs’ growth. Those Spanish startups that apply will also be considered by Endeavor to join their selection process. As a non-profit organization that selects and supports entrepreneur to catalyze their long-term projection, Endeavor identifies the leaders of high-growth companies and help them maximize their potential by leveraging their network of experts and mentors.
The alliance Decelera-Endeavor is established today because their goals are aligned, but the relation between the organizations was born years ago. The new president of Endeavor Global and founder of Endeavor Spain, Adrian Garcia-Aranyos, was one of our Experience Makers for the 2017 program. And, do you know the co-founder of Kantox and regular EM of Decelera, Philippe Gelis, is one of Endeavor’s ‘high-impact entrepreneurs’?
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Adrián García-Aranyos, president of Endeavor Global and founder of Endeavor Spain, attended to the program as Experience Maker in 2016

The common approach to the startup ecosystem by Decelera and Endeavor has made this collaboration possible. Both are interested in projects whose purpose is transforming the world into a better place and having a positive impact on the economy and society at large. Thus, the collaboration with Endeavor will allow Decelera’s startups to develop their projects and ensure high-impact growth. In order to do so there are three core ideas in our alliance:

Fast track

 The Spanish startups that align with Endeavor selection criteria will be fast-tracked to the second step of the Endeavor process: interviews with their search and selection team.


During the Decelera Menorca program (from May 24th to June 4th), an Endeavor Entrepreneur will deliver the presentation “Are You On The Right Track to High Impact?”


Last but not least, the startups participating in the Menorcan program will benefit from an ad-hoc review of their activity thanks to 1:1 meetings organized with the Endeavor team.

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Menorca, named Reserve of the Biosphere 25 years ago, is a real and sustainable paradise to inspire creativity in places like Ses Salines

If you apply to Decelera Menorca you will have double chances to achieve high-impact-growth through our unique deceleration methodology and the selection process and support by Endeavor.

What is the Endeavor selection criteria?

Endeavor’s model revolves around the idea of high-impact entrepreneurship. Endeavor believes that entrepreneurs who think big have a transformative power that can have enormous impact on the economy of a country. Those entrepreneurs not only create companies that scale, but also give back to the ecosystem by sharing their knowledge, their experience and their success with others.
Endeavor works in markets where there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurship, but the elements haven’t aligned to develop a prosperous ecosystem yet. Around the world, Endeavor seeks for entrepreneurs who have


Energy, passion, vision and persistence to develop ideas into successful companies.


Strong personal presence, leadership qualities and a “story” to inspire others in their industries, communities, countries and even globally. Committed to knowledge-sharing.


Inspires instinctive trust. Unquestionable integrity and respect for the rule of law. Demonstrates commitment to giving back to the community.


Exhibits high-growth potential and the capacity to add substantial economic and shareholder value and create a significant number of high-value jobs.


Demonstrates real innovation that has the potential to change the way an industry operates locally and/or internationally.


Interested in accepting advice and support from Endeavor as well as contributing to the Endeavor network and eventually giving back to the organization.
In order to validate the high-impact potential of an entrepreneur, Endeavor also pays close attention to the companies the entrepreneurs are leading.


Endeavor looks for innovative companies based on a solid business model with explosive growth potential and that are scalable.


They search for established businesses that have already validated their model and have revenues of at least €1M.


Endeavor is sector-agnostic and doesn’t focus on specific sectors. They look at both ‘traditional’ sectors such as food and beverage, agriculture or tourism; and at ‘emerging’ ones like fintech, digital media, biotech/nanotech, etcetera.