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5 key mindfulness rituals for entrepreneurs

Brain liberation
The entrepreneurs practice some mindful exercises in the Decelerator Patio of Menorca.

“Martin does not deserve that.” It is the mantra that the Fellow Human Entrepreneur, Miguel Quintana, repeated again and again after the birth of his first child and his startup was falling apart. In the midst of his emotional and professional roller coaster, this repeated thought allowed him to establish a ritual to put aside labor concerns when he entered the house and was with his family.
A guide he shared with the participants of the MM 2018 edition, whom he recommended paying attention to their wake-up call. “It does not matter if it’s about losing weight, quitting smoking or relating to people,” he said, “the most important thing is to listen to the message, keep it in mind and not give up, as you don’t abandon the idea of bringing your product to the market.”
Miguel Quintana explains the importance of working out the brain.

The mindful protocol of Quintana is based in these key principles:

1. Attention is a treasure, pay it completely

In this era in which companies bombard information every minute of our time, attention has become a ‘luxury product’. “We all deserve attention. There is a treasure that you can give to your loved ones or the people that you have nearby whether they are your employees, your colleagues or the founders: give them your full attention.” Let them know that you are here for them, and that you are listening fully.

2. Get used to the uncertainty

This is one of the thoughts that entrepreneurs can get engraved in their minds. There is nothing written, and nobody knows where the next step will take us; we can have an intuition at least. “Uncertainty is part of our trip. We do not know exactly what path we are going to follow, but we have the vision.”

3. Feel grateful

Sometimes we think that everything we do depends on us, on our commitment and effort. However, there are times in life when one is aware that we are a small part of a puzzle in which others have helped and for which we are grateful. “Find those few moments in your daily life and bring to your memory the image of that person or people who have helped you on your trip.”

4. Take time to ‘rebalance’ and have your feet on the ground

As entrepreneurs, says Quintana, it is fundamental to find time to rebalance and not feel lost. Although sometimes you can stop trusting in yourself there is a kind of intuition that tells us that we are going in the right direction. “We just need this basic intuition, this basic truth that we have inside to move forward.”

5. Open up, establish a ‘human’ connection

This is what is done during the MM program, but as the PH.D in Psychology points out, “it only depends on you.” And, in particular, of a determining factor such as OPENING. “The more you open, the more you accept and accept the things that happen in the reality of the here and now of life”.

*About Miguel Quintana

Miguel Quintana Ph.D. is MBSR and mindfulness teacher, mindfulness workshops and retreats facilitator. He is  Experience Maker in Decelera and helps entrepreneurs to find themselves.