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May-June 2019


In flip-flops

1.2 M€

MM Company average
investment round


Global top-tier

4.8 M€

MM Company
average valuation

Due Diligence

Get to truly know and understand the people behind the companies. Evaluate the skills and capabilities of the Management Team. Answer the question: Do they have what it takes to become one of my portfolio companies?

Unique Experience
and relations

Meet global experts and Top business leaders. Have access to a wide and very curated network. Learn different practices, investment strategies and, co-invest with Top Tier VCs. Build and strengthen informal relationships that will, with no doubt, positively impact your general investment activities in terms of future deal-flow origination, due diligence, and fundraising.

Due Diligence

Have formal 1:1 sessions and informal meetings to assess the potential of the company. Understand key aspects of the ventures: idea, vision, history, product, business model,… Answer the question: Do they meet my investment strategy, and have potential to succeed?

Venture Capitalist

“A quite unique formula”

Mark Erik Kavelaars

Chairman & Founder at
Swanlaab Venture Factory

Venture Capitalist

“You need to connect at
human level

Ian Noel

Co-Founder & General Partner at
K Fund

Venture Capitalist

“It is a extremely diferent concept”

Ernest Sanchez

Partner at
Entrée Capital

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