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Impulse4women, a global net that helps to connect women entrepreneurs with investors

Women entrepreneurs, investors and experience makers are a solid group in the Decelera Community.

Ready for the International Women’s Day 2019? There are multiple activities around the globe… And here you have a chance to learn about the global net four women are building to provide women entrepreneurs an issue to connect with investors and the platform that starts running this month.
Impulse4women (I4W) is non-profit association with a powerful goal: to help international women founders, co-founders, CEO… and Social Impact Projects to connect with the different international investors –Business Angels, Family Office, Venture Capital– to increase the probability of fundraising.
The four women who are behind the foundation of this organization come from the investor sector. So, they know what they are talking about. “We detected that the way women interact with investors is very different that the way men does it. This is why we started Impulse4women to provide women entrepreneurs an issue to connect with the investors”, says one de co-founders, Taryn Andersen.

Taryn Andersen, Investor Relations Director of Telegraph Hill Capital, and Tammy Beaulieu, founding partner of Decelera, shared their experiences during the program in 2018 (left to right).

As Investor Relations Director of Telegraph Hill Capital, Andersen recognizes there are very few women entrepreneurs compared to men entrepreneurs and highlights a main difference between them: “They have a different relationship in search for capital. Tha is why we want to facilitate the access to investors through our Matchmaking Platform, depending on their economics needs and maturity of the startup”.
There are two models to facilitate the connection in I4W:

  1. An on-line platform where the team make a matchmaking between Entrepreneurs Women – Investors. They cover a 360º ecosystem and it will start running this month for Startups applications and next September for connection with Investors.
  2. An off-line association, where we offer workshops, mentoring and database, among other services, to help them in their stage of growth.

Besides Impulse4women have included CSR or shared-values at every Startup. All startup with a Social Impact will have their investors support regardless of gender. Andersen recognizes that women “have a different way of managing; we think strategically long term; we share the success with our team; and we assume the failure individually”. But the concerns are the same for any entrepreneur. That is why, as investors they don’t look at gender issues. “We are interested in the business model and profitability”, add Andersen who attended to Decelera as investor in prior editions.
Is there a gender investment gap? According to a Boston Consulting Groups’ research, yes there is. “When women business owners pitch their ideas to investors for early-stage capital, they receive significantly less—a disparity that averages more than $1 million—than men”, concluded the authors after analyzing data provided by the not-for-profit MassChallenge.