Deceleration Patio

Gedelta goal: provide quality education to 800 million people

Left to right. Part of Gedelta Creations team: Joona Tontti, former  CPO, Elja-Ilari Suhonen, Head of R&D and Innovations, and Marjanah Sadiq, Chief Operating Officer. They attended to the deceleration program in 2018.


Gedelta Creations Team*

It is time for new steps in Shoulders of Giants  (SoG), soon to be known as Gedelta Creations. Our story started in 2016 when one of the original founders Elja-Ilari Suhonen sat down with his teacher friends from Finland and Puerto Rico (namely Aarni, Pete and Robert) while realizing that there are common global struggles in Higher Education:

  1. Governments have systematically narrowed down funding for schools.

  2. Educators lack time to develop their own teaching methods and practices.


During 2017 the company was established, and the current core team and founders came along to make it from idea into a business model: To answer the need of institutions and teachers to save financial resources and release teachers time to develop pedagogy.

Since then, SoG has been developing its learning administration platform Co-Teacher to decrease educators’ workload in course management and study counselling. Coming to this day, the platform has been piloted with major universities in Finland. Additionally, our Puerto Rican team members are preparing market entries in South/Latin American regions.

The name of the company well indicates its spirit: we have truly taken giant leaps in our own professional development. Our team is currently spanning from its origins in Finland and Estonia all the way to San Francisco and Puerto Rico. We have B2B professionals, teachers, researchers as well as both social and computer sciences experts in our team.


1:1, deceleration patio
Gedelta Creations alumni during a one to one session in the Deceleration Patio.

Founding Nobel School under Gedelta brand


Besides the EdTech software development, we offer applied research projects, as service, with an approach that we call “Teachers as Developers”. Where we closely monitor and analyze the needs and position of teachers towards new technologies (AI, machine/deep learning etc.) by using qualitative research methods. Business-wise, the purpose of our vision has been to enable truly scalable learning management where students are taken “on the shoulders of giants”, as stated by Isaac Newton.

Currently, we are setting the new vision that targets the same goals as before, but through different means; our re-branding to Gedelta Creations signals an extension to our work beyond educational technologies, which means:


 Taking more human factors into account, which means the acknowledgement that learning is too complex phenomena to be captured by any single digital platform.

The new logo of Gedelta Creations, formerly known as Shoulders of Giants

We are setting foundations for non-institutional Nobel School that aims to meet the needs of 800 million individuals who lack access to quality education either structurally or due to socio-economic inequality. We have an international research team working on its pedagogy which consists of two main components:

  1. Learning how to learn, such as, enhancing metacognitive skills (memory, attention, reading etc.)

  2. Supporting transitions between different levels of education (from high school to university, bachelor’s to masters’, masters’ to PhD etc.)


Strengthening these skills answers for example the following questions:


How should I phase my learning or growth plan? How should I progress with each step to stay motivated? How to efficiently change between divergent and focused thinking, in order to learn faster? How can I use my working memory better? In what portions should there be both practice and theory?


The team behind Nobel School thinks that everyone needs a combination of different routines, tools and methods that take place both online and offline. For example, in the middle of an intense self-studying sessions, one should be able to reflect the whole process collectively through peer review or take breaks and ask help from others – And all this is getting repeated through continuous iterations until one gets to the self-set growth goals.

Latest studies indicate that new applications and approaches to learning (such as phenomenon-based learning) are not improving the outcomes of learners. We consider this as a sign that something should change in the formalities of how we approach learning. We benefit when learning by doing, which gives us the chance to both fail and succeed.  Once understanding the limits of our knowledge – we usually get back on the drawing board.

PS! As an extension to our Nobel School Orientation courses, we are looking to partner with educational providers of all sorts to build our learning ecosystem.

If you share common scope and values don’t think twice in getting touch with us for co-operation!

*This article is written by Elja-Ilari Suhonen, Director of Applied Research & Learning and Marjanah Sadiq, COO from Gedelta Creations.