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Futurist Gerd Leonhard to appear at Decelera Mayakoba

Humans have social Intelligence, emotional intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and musical intelligence. But what kind of intelligence will a computer have and what kind of “thinking” should they do for us?

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist, Author of ‘Technology vs. Humanity’, CEO The Futures Agency has recently joined Decelera family as one of our most well-known Experience Makers. Gerd has shared powerful and prescient advice in the previous Decelera Menorca 2019, catalyzing entrepreneurs with foresight and robust ideas to help them contribute to a Human Future. 

His best-selling book, “Technology vs. Humanity”  and his keynotes are full of wow-moments and penny-drops, and Decelera attendees expect no less. 

With statements such as “Now we are in a bizarre situation where the #1 company that used to help us to communicate and to connect has become the company that actually replaces any meaningful conversation and manipulates our thinking in order to sell ads”, he is blowing minds all over the world. Leonhard claims that automation is the driving force around the world, and in how we are going to work. It’s the End of Routines but not necessarily the end of work,  and it is a shift that should be addressed by the new generation of thinkers.

Watch Gerd Leonhard sharing his understanding of the future, discover what is it coming and how to prepare in sustainable ways.  Gerd describes the future as a place where science fiction quickly become science fact and where the way we work will never be the same as the skills needed will be dramatically different. 

We are happy to share with you that, once again, Gerd Leonhard will join us at Decelera Mayakoba at Andaz Mayakoba Rivera Maya Resort. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to listen to this incredible person, to ask him questions, and to share thoughts. 

Don’t hesitate, want to attend? for one the positions at Decelera Mayakoba and start the future change.