Deceleration Patio

Andaz Mayakoba, member of Rainforest Alliance.

Decelera’s Mexico Program took place at Andaz Mayakoba Resort Rivera Maya, Mexico. Our attendees were hosted at a unique and natural space well known for its low mental noise and quiet ambiance, surrounded by lush vegetation enclosed by nature trails. All this helped entrepreneurs to disconnect from routine to connect with inspiration and creativity.

Andaz Mayakoba Resort Rivera Maya is a proud member of Rainforest Alliance which means they’ve gone through tests ranging from integral waste management and wastewater treatment to environmental education, wildlife monitoring, sea turtle conservation, and coastal restoration. 

Purchasing policies at Andaz Mayakoba are related not only to the origin of the materials used by suppliers, but they also take into account the product biodegradability and the safety and health conditions that are used in the production processes, that are mandatory to respect threatened wildlife species. Some examples of this are the pesticide-free honey, firewood, and charcoal that are used. 



Andaz is also related to non-profit organizations such as Kodomo A.C. who provides therapeutic and educational support to autistic children, or Fundacion Aitana A.C. who works supporting children with cancer as well as helping their families. 

As a unique scenario that is known to be compromised with the environment and sustainability, it’s chosen by other companies, organizations, and institutions of events related to sustainability like Decelera. 

Rainfores Allicance is not the only environmental recognition Andaz Mayakoba has. They have also been recognized by the Ulysses Award in the category of Innovation in Business, awarded by the World Tourism Organization (OMT), Environmental Certifications by the Tourism Quality by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) and The S distinction awarded by the Federal Secretary of Tourism in coordination with the Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees sustainable practices within the Mexican tourism sector.