It is about Deceleration.

It is about focusing on technology

for a Sustainable World.

It is about Entrepreneurs

and the power of people,

working for a Human Future.

It is about doing business

with a long standing vision.

It is about making our Planet

a better place to live.

This is what matters to us.


The experience of making a pause,

connecting with Nature.

How it makes people feel.

How it enhances creativity

when you start slowing down

and connecting within yourself.

You breathe. You focus. You Grow.

Who will this help?

Will it make life better?

Will it be relevant for the World?


If you are immersed in your routine,

how can you think about the next step

that will help make your idea big?

We are different from acceleration

and being driven just by unstable growth.

We believe in intelligent choices,

and in the right numbers

based on quality matters.


There are a thousand different paths.

For just the correct one.

We spend a lot of time

on unimportant decisions.

Until we decide to pause for

a parenthesis of time

to find the extraordinary one

that enhances each life it touches.


We’re a global Community.

We’re decelerators and entrepreneurs.

Humans and Business creators.

We think on growth.

And we focus on our Planet’s health.

This is our soul.

And this is what matters to us.


We have created

the World’s First Startup Decelerator.


Breathe. Focus. Grow.