Deceleration Patio

Decelera Investors Club, the new and exclusive association.

Last Friday, under the frame of Summer Summit’s second edition, we had the opportunity to present our “Decelera Investor Club”. Menorca was the location, and we couldn’t find a better one to release this exciting news. With its upcoming creation, we intend to support those companies that want to make the world a better place, through disruptive technology or business models, with a human-centric approach.

The human factor is essential to validate the start-up project and its management team, thoroughly evaluated in our programs, which is a distinct feature of our Investor Club. But we want to take one step further. We want to help set the foundations for the start-ups, help them refine their core values and ensure they are present in their everyday activities.


Our Decelera core values are commitment&respect, excellence&love, and trust. We are committed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on human values, working towards a sustainable planet through our deceleration methodology. We strive for continuous improvement, taking care of details, with a professional and enjoyable atmosphere to do beautiful things. Moreover, we are a tight-knit human-centric community based on integrity and transparency to share knowledge, ideas, and feelings.

In order to emphasize our goal of encouraging technology companies and global corporations to rethink the future of life and to preserve the planet, we invited three of the startups that already partook in Decelera Menorca 2019: Hydrao, a French startup focused on water conservation through its smart IoT technology; Teiacare, an Italian startup that has created the first digital assistant for nursing homes; and Kiwi Last Mile, a Spanish company disrupting last-mile deliveries through its innovative delivery model.

With our new Decelera Investor Club, we intend to both help fulfill the financing needs of similarly sustainability-minded entrepreneurs and offer the members of the club the possibility to invest in them. Not only will they receive complete information on such companies but will also benefit from a unique feature of our club, which is to receive the feedback obtained in our deceleration programs from: (i) the global experts, c-level execs and VCs that evaluate them; and (ii) the expert team validation through our Due Diligence process.

The Investor Club intends to attract up to 50 members and invest annually in 3-5 selected startups from our Decelera programs. The chosen companies will benefit from an aggregated ticket between €250,000 and €600,000 each.

With this initiative, we want to demonstrate our commitment to saving the planet. With our revolutionary methodology, we strive to help those startups eager to change the world.

If you are interested in becoming an investor, please don’t hesitate to contact us.