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Networking in a decelerated mood

The team.

For the fourth year in a row, Manel Adell, founding partner of Menorca Millennials, hosted a paella contest with the participants of the program. It is part of the off-campus activities during the deceleration program. This year, the contest was held in the sustainable farm he runs: Son Felip. It was a unique occasion to teach 50 entrepreneurs from 28 startups all over the world how to cook this exquisite dish and to share some recipes about how to cook a great business and how the startups decelerator has evolved since it was just an idea. These were the recipes and their ingredients:

Adaptability. “Wath you cook with chaos is by being adaptable”

“As chaos is part of our lives”, recalled Adell, “entrepreneurs need to be ready for any unpredictability that comes their way. He knows this from his own experience. Evoking Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection, the former CEO of Desigual underlined that “only the adaptable survive.” It clearly happens in the ecosystem.
The deceleration program has adapted a lot since it was launched four years ago without losing its foundational values, thereby focusing on the human factor and growing continuously. But, what has it changed?
The 2018 edition has been a key milestone to startup decelerator for multiple reasons: primarily the participants, the focus on sustainability, the investors, etc… However on the top of the list, we can highlight how the decelerator’s team has reshaped its deceleration methodology in order to validate and boost the startups.

Off-campus deceleration
The participants in the contest run to get the ingredients to cook a paella.

Deceleration. “It is not a concept valid only for entrepreneurs”

As Adell mentioned in an interview, “the world is accelerating, so humans need to decelerate from time to time to get perspective.” This action allows them to take the right decision –something you really need to do in early stages of your business. Being able to decelerate for two weeks in Menorca, as many participants say, is a privilege. Tonnes of contacts and tonnes of hours with other entrepreneurs to share daily daily challenges help approach them from a different perspective. “It brings tremendous value to everybody”, claimed the founding partner.

Sustainability. “It is not a trend. It is a need for the planet”

The world is fast becoming its own biggest challenge, keeping in mind the future generations. “All members of the planet need to incorporate sustainability in their own formula of life”, noticed Adell. He feels that the sustainability goals of the United Nations (SDGs) and the Menorca Millennials’ purpose fit perfectly. In 2018, all the participating startups were aligned with at least of the SDGs.
This thought was shared by Toni Rami, co-founder of Kantox and a regular to the island (and MM decelerator patio). “As a program, it is a well-oiled machine, but this year”, added, “has more impact”, said Toni after his speech as an experience maker. “The decelerator has enhanced its services, focusing on impact investment, the alignment with the SDGs and the redefinition of the ‘human factor.’”

cooking the best relationship
‘Chef’ Manel Adell and Marcos Martín sharing instructions about how to cook a paella

Paella winners
More than 10 paellas were cooked by the entrepreneurs in Son Felip after receiving Adell’s recipe. Among tomatoes, peppers, rice, oil and other ingredients, the participants connected in a unique way with business experts, potential investors, and their teams… The 2018 winners, chosen by experience makers and the founding partner, were from the startups Apreet, Botslover, BeOn Energy, Sosees and Neiblock.
In 2019 we will be likely celebrating a new paella contest, but undoubtedly, we will have more sessions in our deceleration patio for the participants about how to make connections with your team, investors and clients.