Deceleration Patio
  • Gedelta goal: provide quality education to 800 million people
      Gedelta Creations Team* It is time for new steps in Shoulders of Giants  (SoG), soon to be known as Gedelta Creations. […]
  • How to decelerate during a tech event without dying in the attempt
    After a couple of flights from Madrid –always seated at the window–, we reached the streets of Redwood City (California), […]
  • Impulse4women, a global net that helps to connect women entrepreneurs with investors
    Ready for the International Women’s Day 2019? There are multiple activities around the globe… And here you have a chance […]
  • How we created an 'app' to improve the lives of cancer patients and their relatives
    Mikael Metthey and Gilles Martinez Careviz, a user-centric health app aiming to improve the lives of cancer patients and their […]
  • The importance of building a great team in early stage startups
    The ultimate goal of a company is the fulfillment of the objectives at any level. It is not a simple […]
  • How can I be more productive? Questions to become a better (and less busy) leader
    I have a contrarian point of view about personal development and professional productivity: Until you change, nothing will change. There […]
  • Discipline Vs. Motivation
    There may be a very thin line that lies between motivation and discipline and once you understand that it can […]
  • Networking in a decelerated mood
    The team. For the fourth year in a row, Manel Adell, founding partner of Menorca Millennials, hosted a paella contest […]
  • Why startups are important in achieving sustainable development
    How startups can make the world a better place and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) The Sustainable […]