Deceleration Patio
  • Boost your productivity by pausing at Andaz Mayakoba
    Deceleration is not about stopping; it’s about pausing with intention, it’s about rethinking the real purpose in order to reboot […]
  • How to decelerate during a tech event without dying in the attempt
    After a couple of flights from Madrid –always seated at the window–, we reached the streets of Redwood City (California), […]
  • Building a more Tech-sustainable ecosystem in Decelera Menorca
    We are sure you have heard about the Sustainable Development Goals –or Global Goals–  of the United Nations… A universal […]
  • SendGrid and Decelera work together to support startups globally
    As a long-time supporter of our decelerator, SendGrid will be joining us once again at Decelera Menorca in 2019!  As […]
  • How can I be more productive? Questions to become a better (and less busy) leader
    I have a contrarian point of view about personal development and professional productivity: Until you change, nothing will change. There […]
  • Our call is outside, and we are teaming with Endeavor Spain!
    We have opened the First phase of the registration period ( 9th to 29th of January) for those startups interested […]
  • 5 key mindfulness rituals for entrepreneurs
    “Martin does not deserve that.” It is the mantra that the Fellow Human Entrepreneur, Miguel Quintana, repeated again and again […]
  • Networking in a decelerated mood
    The team. For the fourth year in a row, Manel Adell, founding partner of Menorca Millennials, hosted a paella contest […]
  • Welcome to a unique deceleration experience
      What a Startup Decelerator is and why it’s a key element in the ecosystem; and in our day-to-day as […]