Deceleration Patio

Building a more Tech-sustainable ecosystem in Decelera Menorca

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Decelera Community is getting bigger (more than 500 members) and stronger every year as its commitment with the Sustainable Developtment Goals.

We are sure you have heard about the Sustainable Development Goals –or Global Goals–  of the United Nations… A universal call to action to protect the planet, to end poverty, and to ensure that people live in peace.
How does it sound to you? Utopic? Unrealistic? Big challenge, definitely. There are a lot of people trying to achieve those goals that came to effect in January 2016. Startups and entrepreneurs, do it as well; their commitment is stronger than ever.
We verified it recently as we evaluate the applications we received to participate in 5th Edition of Decelera Menorca; 471 out of 494 admitted that they work toward building a better world. The number of startups interested in participating in the deceleration program has increased by 44 percent in 2019.  And 95% of them are aligned with the Global Goals.
Good for us and for the planet! Although we have room just for 25 startups, it is encouraging to know that almost half a thousand startups want to build a better world and they are working toward achieving at least one of the Global Goals.
In 2018 we decided to establish a main principle of selection: Alignment with Sustainable Goals. If the startups were not aligned with them, they would not pass through the selection process. It was risky, but we confirmed it was a correct way. The Decelera Community is built with startups such as Ecoccar, Cloq, LightFi, BeOn Energy, Careviz, Jiro-Ve, NOS Life Sciences, etc. that are working tirelessly for a better world.
As the Evaluation Committee is working in the process of selection, we do not know which project will attend the program in Menorca in May. What we do know, however, is what objectives those startups are working towards.

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Among the SDGs, startups aim with their projects to improve the health and well-being of citizens; to promote sustainable cities and communities; to promote decent jobs and economic growth; and to reduce inequality.
The island of Menorca, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO 26 years ago, is an incomparable framework to decelerate and promote an ecosystem of tech-sustainable entrepreneurship.
We are looking forward to getting together with the startup heroes 2019 and contribute to boosting their projects!