Deceleration Patio

Boost your productivity by pausing at Andaz Mayakoba

Deceleration is not about stopping; it’s about pausing with intention, it’s about rethinking the real purpose in order to reboot you and your company, and it’s about growing in a sustainable way.

You already know that one of the main goals of Decelera program is to boost your enterprise productivity level but, how do we do it? The answer is equally simple and complex: by helping you to forget the urgent and focus on the important. Decelera’s program is an intense encounter with investors, experience makers, industry partners, and start-ups that also try to make their way in this competitive world. All with a common gene in the DNA of the company: technology must be at the service of humans and must develop and grow concerning the world in where we live.

Nevertheless, Decelera is also about putting you in front of a mirror and helping you to face what you see and take a look at the big picture: is your company growing the way you wanted it when you founded it? What are the main goals for this year? Is your team the best one to achieve them? We make the tough questions, but we also help you to find the answers. With the clues, you will not only strengthen models but also identify new opportunities.

All this, immersed in natural low mental noise scenarios, with inspirational conferences that help entrepreneurs open their minds, relaxed and quality 1:1 meetings to think and validate strategy and next steps, and wellness and mindfulness activities such as yoga and body training that help you connect within yourself and your creativity.

Our next edition of Decelera takes an international leap and will take place in Mayakoba (Rivera Maya, Mexico). It’s a unique enclave that seeks to internationalize the great success of past editions in Menorca and allow the opportunity to meet between start-ups of both South and North America as well as other parts of the World are interested in the area.

Those selected will travel to Decelera Mayakoba Campus, at ,Andaz Mayakoba Resort Rivera Maya, a unique and natural space well known for its Low Mental Noise, surrounded by serene lagoons, turquoise blue white sand beach, and lush vegetation enclosed by nature trails, that will help entrepreneurs disconnect from routine to connect with inspiration and creativity.

Andaz Mayakoba has been selected not only for its natural beauty or cultural richness but for the luxury accommodation that rests in the Yucatan’s natural ecosystem.
The Mayan people lived in this area for years, trying to get rid of Europeans stressed way of living. At Mayakoba, they found the sanctuary and refuge they were looking for as well as a beautiful and peaceful part of Mexico that made them feel home again.

The ancient culture, decoration, and vibrations are perfectly balanced with modern rooms, and four local and international restaurants.

The Naum Spa deserves apart mention as it receives its name after the Mayan Goddess of consciousness and mind. This 10,000 square feets relaxation center will make sure you Breathe, help you to Focus and encourage you to Grow.

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